Overgrown Conifer

Sparks Lane, Thingwall.

After being left unmanaged for many years this large conifer hedge had become a hazard, with one tree falling under snow and another in high winds. The decision was made to remove the trees due to their proximity to houses and stables.  All arisings where removed from site and the area was left clean and tidy.


Beech reduction

Feather Lane, Heswall.

This large majestic Beech is subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and therefore permission had to be gained before any work could be undertaken. The tree was reduced to enable greater sunlight onto neighbouring properties whilst retaining a large healthy tree for its high amenity value, as well as it high environmental value.


Highway clearance

Puddington Lane, Puddington.

These trees were crown lifted for the landowner to stop the low hanging boughs from damaging large passing vehicles. Traffic management was used to ensure the work could be completed in a safe manner.